Kitchen Tools

Here are some of the kitchen tools I find useful:

Food Processor – I have a Cuisinart, and it is my second.  My daughter is still using my first Cuisinart, which was smaller (It is almost 30 years old now).

Stand Mixer – I have a Kitchen Aid and I love it.  It is so simple to use, and the attachments are easy to get on and off.  I use the pasta maker occasionally, it is really great because you dont need to crank.

Slicer – I use a little Bereiner slicer that I got at Tap Phong on Spadina in Chinatown.  It is quick to use and wash.

Blender – I recently splurged on a Vitamix, it is wonderful.  I can make really nutritious ice cream and sorbets now.  I may not need to have an ice cream maker anymore. The other food I love now is homemade almond milk, no more gagging from milk for me.

Flour Mill – I am on my second now.  I am using a Nutrimill, purchased from Healthy Kitchens in Vancouver ( ) via mail, and it works extremely well.  The other thing I like is that I can actually clean it, so I can do wheat and gluten free grains and beans using the same machine.  I grind enough flour for a month or two, then freeze the flour.  I do keep this out on the counter, but it is not really efficient to grind each cup as you need it, a little too messy.  If you do gluten free baking I highly recommend considering a mill, the taste differential is amazing, no rancid bitter tastes at all, and it works wonderfully on beans, so the range of possible flours is huge.  Buckwheat is truly wonderful ground fresh.