About Me

I guess I am what you call a foodie.  I have always loved eating and cooking, and as my skills have improved,  (not to mention my budget after the poor student days), I have read, searched out, and experimented with food.  I have done this in my Muskoka kitchen, my Prince Edward Island parents home, and other places I have traveled.  Both my mother and grandmothers were excellent cooks, and I have always been so fortunate to have shared a history that includes great food and wonderful people cooking it on both sides of my family.

I started a food blog originally to learn how to blog, but found that I enjoyed writing about my adventures, and hope that I can share some of them with others who are as obsessed as I am with food.

My goal with this blog is that you will learn, be entertained, get ideas, know where to find things, and just be amused.  I once thought about getting chef training, but realize that what I like most is cooking at home for others, and that the real work of a restaurant is not what I aspire to in this stage of life.

I greatly enjoy reading about food, and have a fairly extensive and ever expanding collection of cookbooks.  I have finally decided that it is even ok to just read a cookbook for entertainment, even if you never cook a recipe exactly.  I love French cooking for the techniques and history, and also love learning about the cooking of other cultures.  I go to Toronto regularly and enjoy sampling the wonderful array of restaurants and food areas there, so am hoping to post more varied information about some of these adventures.  Let me know if you think that would be interesting.

I almost never cook a recipe exactly,  so this means some things are improved, and some are not so hot and I would have been better to follow the recipe!  So those are the highs and lows of a creative cook!

My husband Greg is very allergic to wheat, and can only eat rice in moderation, so I have also developed an interest in gluten free cooking.  I stray greatly from the typical rice flour substitutes, and can now make gluten free goodies that are so good I don’t bother making the flour version for myself much of the time.

I live in the Muskoka area in the town of Bracebridge, with my husband Greg and cat Nirmal.   Greg enjoys eating my cooking, and pines for me when I am away and he has to live on his own cooking for too long!  We have a daughter in Toronto who just redid my blog for me, and a son in San Francisco who is a computer software engineer.  They like to eat what I cook, and are learning to cook themselves as well.  I am a semi retired educator who has recently retired from a longtime job as an administrator in the local school system.  I still do some work, but am currently looking forward to having more time for cooking and traveling.  I also bead, and have a bead blog as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog, and please make comments so I will continue to be inspired.