Fabulous Fondant

My daughter was here this weekend, and she wants to learn more about cake decorating. Both of us thought fondant looked smooth and an open canvas, so we finally tried some.
We made regular cupcakes, and also used a small “muffin top” pan. The muffin tops worked out to be a really nice petite shape, a little mouthful of sumptious sweet cake (See above pic).
Here are our little kitty’s!

And some florals.

We were lazy and used premade fondant that I got at McCall’s in Toronto – they have everything for cake decorating! It worked perfectly. It comes in a tub that you can just take out what you need and save the rest. Surprisingly, the fondant tastes fairly good, a little chewy and sweet, slightly vanilla flavoured. I was not expecting good taste, let’s face it royal icing is just for looks, but this is not bad at all, in fact it might be even be better with a little flavouring added.
Next time we will coordinate the colours more, and will try to make the fondant (maybe, opening the tub is really fast and easy, and McCall’s is a long drive from here!)
So, for our first batch, it won’t rival the Hello Cupcake book, but we had a blast.

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