Beauty in the Kitchen – Springerele Cookies

I have admired these shaped wonders ever since I saw them in a Martha Stewart magazine several years ago.  But alas, the molds are not readily available, or weren’t at that time.  Then on a trip to visit my son in San Francisco I saw one mold at Sur La Table, but still I did not succumb due to what I thought was an astronomical price.  This year I couldn’t stand it, and after unsuccessfully trying some shortbread molds I broke down and ordered the real deal.  You can mail order the molds from House on the Hill.  There are hundreds for all different themes and holidays. Since they are very pricy, I only ordered 2, a heart and some little ovals that are also small enough to use as marzipan decorations.

I followed the recipe that came with them and is on the web site.  It workd very well, even when I divided it into 1/3 of the recipe.  I do recommend you try to get ammonium carbonate.  It used to be difficult to find, but my local grocery has even started carrying it.  It does make the texture light, and it rises when heated.  The cookies have to set overnight to dry before baking to get the best impressions.  In one batch I did not really cook them through, so they were a little soft in the middle and tasted great.  The next time I followed more of the instrucitons in the Martha Stewart baking Book, and baked them at a lower temperature for much longer (almost an hour).  That batch came out very crisp, in fact they are best eaten by dunking in coffee.

Is this is best cookie ever in terms of taste – no.  They are a little dry.  But, they are really lovely to look at, so I do recommend trying them.

I have to go now, I am visiting the local foods class to talk about my blog with the students, so this post is for them.

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