A Few Pics of the Real Ice Cream Challenge

We did finally eat the large size Ice Cream Challenge on the weekend when my newlywed nice and her hubby were here.  It got rave reviews, and if you are ever crazy enough to spend this much time making a dessert, one saving grace of the time spent is that it can rest happily in the freezer until about 15 minutes before you are ready to serve it.  The leftovers can also just be put back in the freezer (save that bowl that you molded it in!) and we finished them off last night. I confess I thought it needed a little something, so I made more of the the hot fudge sauce (with some tweaking to make it richer) and poured some over it last night…..peanut butter heaven, but I will have to go more miles on my new bike today to pay for the calories!  Recipes in  previous post.

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