Caneles Using Silicone Mold

My second Canele effort was using the new silicone mold I purchased in France. My understanding is that silicone molds vary in quality. The one I used was black, probably a medium quality, and for the large size caneles.

I sprayed the molds with cooking spray, and they cooked for about an hour and a half. They came out easily, were browned, and after sitting developed a crusty exterior. The texture and taste were great. Although the copper molds cook faster and develop a better and thicker crust, the ease of the silicone will probably make me go to it first next time.

Next step – trying a few more recipes, I think the shrinkage was a little too much, so I am going to try a recipe with a little higher proportion of flour next time to see if they shrink less. The recipe on La Tartine Gourmet looks good, and I am also going to try the one from my Bordeaux amie Martine’s mother.

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