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Appam, Daring Cooks Challenge

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Mary, who writes the delicious blog, Mary Mary Culinary was our August Daring Cooks’ host.
Mary chose to show us how delicious South Indian cuisine is! She challenged us to make Appam and another South
Indian/Sri Lankan dish to go with the warm flat bread.

In the challenge, we could make any of several curries, so I decided to choose the recipe for shrimp curry included in the challenge.  I had all the ingredients on hand because I make Indian food frequently.  I even had some curry leaves salted away in the freezer, thank heavens for my Toronto shopping trips to Albion and Kipling.   I followed the recipe, but added dark chick peas, zucchini, and cauliflour to the pot.  The resulting curry was very good, so try this recipe (the full recipes are here: ).  I also used my new copper saute pan, and you wont belive it, copper rocks.  It heats really evenly and things brown and carmelize, just what you need for a good sauce.  Thanks to my son for convincing me of the merits of French copper pots.

I have made dosas, a similar batter before.  The addition of yeast made the fermentation go faster, so I will try this technique the next time I make dosas as well.  The appams are really nice, the fermentation gives them a subtle complexity of flavour. I used my electric crepe maker and used the wooden gizmo to spread the dough around.  I love making crepes!!


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