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Whole Wheat (Fresh Milled of Course) Sourdough Bread

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I have finally gotten my whole wheat sour dough working during the holidays. The recipe for this is in the newest book by Peter Reinhart on Whole Grain Baking. I was getting worried that this was going to end up being a lot of work for a modest taste treat, but today after finally baking the bread it is really great. I used fresh milled hard whole wheat flour that I grind in my old trusy Hawo’s flour mill. I forgot the butter from the recipe (It ended up in the microwave, forlorn and forgotten after I melted it!) It is a dense loaf, with loads of flavour. The starter is more like a dough, and you keep it in the fridge and replenish it. The steps seem like a lot of work, but I think once you get the idea you can do a lot ahead, and the final mixing of the dough on the last day is really quick. I learned a great deal from Peter’s previous book, the Breadmakers Apprentice, and bought this one as soon as I saw it. I have made the Seed Crackers several times, and the price of the book is worth it just for the seed cracker recipe even if you make nothing else. I have not bought crackers since! My husband is gluten intolerant, and I was able to adapt this recipe and use a gluten free flour mix plus xanthum gum successfully as well.
Anyway, if you like baking and want to be eating more nutritiously, buy this book!

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